Curricula & Guidebooks

Want to bring Hardy Girls to your community? Our curricula and resource guides give you the tools you need to bring our programs to your school, organization, or community.

Girls’ Coalition Groups Curriculum

Are you ready to take a new approach in your work with girls? Want to find a way to stop girl fighting and "mean girl" behavior, teach media literacy skills, and empower girls to change their world for the better? 

Our girls’ coalition group curricula build on 20 years of research about how girls understand their relationships, and how they experience the world around them. This curriculum is available for elementary school (2-6 grades) and middle school (6-8 grades).

By offering girls a safe space, adult role models or ‘muses’, and tools to critically look at media stereotypes, double standards, and divisive messages, girls learn how to support one another as allies while positively affecting the world through social action. Unlike many harassment and bully prevention programs out there today, this curriculum addresses the realities of girls’ lives, and the underlying causes of girlfighting behavior.

From Adversaries to Allies: A Curriculum for Change (6-8 grade) 
Authors: Lyn Mikel Brown, EdD and Mary Madden, PhD

Stronger Together: A Strength-Based Curriculum for Elementary School Girls (2-6 grade)
Authors: Jackie Dupont, LMSW and Lyn Mikel Brown, EdD

A Facilitator’s Guide to Becoming a Muse

Designed as a companion guide for our girls’ coalition group curriculum, this guide is a must-have if you work with groups of girls.

This guide identifies six core skills that will help you to build and refine facilitation skills, and support you in your role as a muse to girls. You’ll also get a basic understanding of group process and dynamics, as well as learn some common language and expectations.

Summer Sisters: A Guide to Coalition Building at Camp & Beyond

"Camp is where I can be the real me."

For many girls, summer camp truly is a magical time where they can "just be me." But why is that? Who are these girls the rest of the year? And how can we help them
hold onto the magic of camp all year long?

Summer Sisters is designed to help camp professionals create an environment where campers and staff can thrive together. Summer Sisters provides strength-based activities and facilitation for group discussion to help girls see one another as allies, and build a foundation for social change. They will learn to unpack and critically examine the negative media messages that target them the rest of the year. In sort, you will help them carry the spirit of camp with them all year long.

Ugly Ducklings: A National Campaign to Reduce Bullying and Harassment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth

Ugly Ducklings is a cutting edge, multi-media resource designed to educate and inspire people to take action against bias-based bullying and harassment of LGBTQ youth. The Community Action Kit includes an educational documentary film; enhanced interview footage with youth, parents, and educators; and tips, discussion questions, activities, and resources for creating safe, equitable, inclusive environments for LGBTQ youth.